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Our Prices are as follows:

Each hour we play for  - £95.00.

Travel costs and travel time -

first ten miles of each journey (to and from venue) included in price,

after that £0.50 per mile.

Our Pricing

Please note that we base our charges on the actual time that we are playing but we also have administration and preparation time and setting up and packing away time. We do not charge separately for these but include them in our hourly charge for playing.

Cost Calculator

Please use the simple cost calculator below to work out how much your booking would cost.

Use Google Maps

to determine how far your venue is from DA11 7BS.

Please note our maximum journey distance is 100 miles each way.

Please fill in the boxes under no. of hours and return journey distance from

DA11 7BS to venue. The other fields will update automatically.

( Please note this is not a quote from us).

Total cost of booking (£)

No. of hours at

£95 per hour

Total Cost of performance (£)

Return journey from DA11 7BS to venue (miles)

Total travel costs (£)

Total number of chargeable miles

Performance Costs

Travel Costs

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